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Pebble Creek Condominium Homeowners Association, Inc. has been managed by CPMS since September 20, 2016.

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Eric Andrews, Community Association Manager
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All residents of Pebble Creek should complete the Emergency Contact Form and return it to CPMS — owners, landlords, and/or renters.

All residents of Pebble Creek should read the Handbook for Residents 2014 — owners, landlords, and/or renters.

After Closing on a Sale

Please complete and return to CPMS the Emergency Contact Form so that your information can be entered into the accounting system. Within a week of closing, the HOA typically receives a check from the title company, for pre-paid dues. However, title companies usually fail to provide your contact information to the HOA.

Monthly Dues Paid by Owners

For reasons of cost effectiveness, most HOA's select a remote processing center to receive dues payments and deposit funds in the HOA's bank account.

Coupon books are typically mailed to each unit owner in December. Owners can choose to either (1) mail a check and a coupon to the processing center every month, or (2) sign up for automatic monthly ACH Debits (automatic withdrawals) from their bank account.

Owners who prefer to mail a check each month should attach a coupon and mail it to the processing center (typically on the first day of each month). Owners are reminded to write both their Building Number and Unit Number on the check to help ensure the correct account is credited.

If you have questions, or if you are a new owner and do not have a coupon book, please contact the management company (CPMS) by calling (303) 952-9257 or by sending email to

Many owners find that the most efficient method of remitting monthly dues is to submit a void check along with the Authorization Agreement For Direct Payments (ACH Debits). Doing so will facilitate the automatic monthly transfer of funds from your checking or savings account on the 10th day of the month.

As outlined in the Handbook for Residents 2014, late fees will be assessed when payments are not received in a timely manner. Owners are encouraged to mail payments early, or sign up for ACH Debits.

A percentage of your dues is used to pay for water, natural gas, common area electrical, Denver Sewer & Wastewater, and related common expenses.


New owner-occupants may qualify for a free one-time lock change provided by the US Postal Service. Residents unable to walk to their mailbox should contact the US Postal Service and request Hardship Delivery.

New owners should ask the seller to provide a key for the mailbox. Upon receipt of a reasonable fee ($25 at this writing), proper identification, and a completed Mailbox Lock Change Request, the HOA maintenance technician may be able to replace the lock on your mailbox within a few business days.


Individual homeowners should make certain the insurance policy on their unit(s) contains an HO6 "Loss Assessment" clause. Loss Assessment coverage typically pays the Homeowner Special Assessment that is individually invoiced in the case of a covered loss where the Association deductible exceeds the Association's ability to pay. See also page 6 of Annual Meeting Dec. 20, 2017.

Modification of Units, Grounds, Common Area, etc.

In reading the Handbook for Residents 2014 you will find that covenants exist which require that residents contact HOA Management in advance of making certain modifications. Residents are urged to consult the Architectural Committee before making any changes to units or common areas. Contact us by email initially and someone will reply with appropriate advice.

Completion of the above form is required prior to installation of windows, satellite dishes, doors, flower beds, patios, air conditioners, concrete slabs, washer/dryer units, etc.

Satellite Dishes

Companies offering satellite dish service have become a concern in 2016. Certain installers are not permitted to work on a roof. The HOA forbids ground level dish installation. Contact HOA Management for a referral to an alternative company capable of installing service on the rooftop in an acceptable manner. Prior improper installations have created rooftop trip hazards in several locations.

Trash Pickup

Discarding large items by the dumpster will result in fines being assessed by the HOA and charged directly to the owner of the offending unit.

Please contact HOA Management in advance of over-filling a dumpster or leaving large items out for pickup. The HOA is charged $20+ by the trash company every time a discarded large item is picked up or a dumpster is over-filled. When appropriate, please make advance payment of an appropriate fee to the HOA. A roll off dumpster is made available once or twice a year, notably after Christmas for those who wish to dispose of Christmas trees and packaging materials.

Water Shut Off

See page 15 of the Handbook for Residents 2014 for detailed information on Water Shut Off

Every building at Pebble Creek has one main water shut-off valve. Residents DO NOT have access to this shut-off valve. Contact the office several days in advance of needing the water turned off. A notice to other building residents must be posted in advance, advising your neighbors that water will unavailable between certain hours on a specific day.

Storage Lockers

A limited number of storage units measuring 4' x 4' x 4' are available for $40 per calendar year, payable in advance, which require your signature on a Storage Locker User Agreement. The location is upstairs, above the laundry rooms in Buildings 4 & 16. For safety reasons, the contract states the HOA reserves the right to inspect lockers in order to ensure liquids and/or hazardous materials are not being stored. Note that there is a stairway which you'll need to carry your items up.

Trailer, Boat, Motorhome Parking Permit Agreement

A limited number of parking spaces for trailers, boats, RV's, etc., are available for $100 per calendar year, payable in advance, which require your signature on a Parking Agreement. The location is in the southwest corner of the complex (opposite / facing Carport O).

Miscellaneous Information

The outdoor pool area is normally open between Memorial Day and Labor Day (9:00am to 10:00pm). Residents can obtain a key for the pool area by providing identification and signing a Pool Rules Agreement.

Laundry room keys are available to those who need them. Laundry room locations are the west end of Building 4 (near the Frontage Road entrance) and the south end of Building 16 (south of the tennis courts).

Pet doors in the building structures are not allowed. City of Denver Ordinance requires that pets be on a leash at all times. Pet owners may not leave a pet unattended on a patio, balcony, or chained to trees. Squirrels are prevalent on the development, as are raccoons. Coyotes have been sighted in recent years. Please do not leave food outdoors for any animals.

Snow Removal only if 4" or more

Emergency access to buildings is a priority. Mailbox and dumpster locations are secondary. Generally snow removal occurs when the average accumulated depth of snow reaches 4 inches or more and usually begins after the snow has stopped falling. Maintenance makes every effort to shovel snow from our 2.5 miles of sidewalks, but if somehow we forget your entrance please call the Office and leave a message.

Thanks in advance to residents who often volunteer a few minutes to shovel snow away from an entrance, mailbox, or sidewalk.

Denver Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption

See the link below for current requirements. In past years, seniors age 65 who have lived at the same Denver primary address for 10+ years can apply for a 50% reduction in property taxes.

Denver Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption

Annual Residential Fire Safety Equipment Report

Please read the Home Fire Safety bulletin from the Denver Fire Department. Annually, the City and County of Denver may require the HOA to obtain a report from each unit owner. The City requires the HOA to maintain a log of completed reports. Owners who fail to deliver a completed report annually will be reported to the City. If required by the City, the HOA will mail or email the required report to unit owners. — 2016 Report & Letter to Unit OwnersResidential Fire Safety HandoutDenver Fire Department

Bi-monthly Pebble Creek Newsletters are available in PDF format on the News page.

Photograph of large map at the entrance of Pebble Creek

Photograph of large plexiglass map of Pebble Creek

Annual Meeting Dec. 20, 2017

Regular Meetings — Beginning June 2017, monthly HOA meetings are tentatively scheduled for the last Wednesday each month. Residents and unit owners are welcome to attend meetings which are usually held at the Clubhouse at 6:30 pm. Those who wish to speak during open session are asked to state their name and unit number and state their concern or ask questions. If your concern or question cannot be answered in a timely manner, Management will follow up and respond directly to you in the following days. Notices of regular meetings are typically posted at mailboxes and/or the clubhouse window.

CPMS Forms

Introduction Letter

Violations Reminder

Emergency Contact Form

Architectural Change Request

Legal Info PDF

2017 Annual Meeting Documents:

2016 Annual Meeting
5 pages

Pebble Creek Declaration & Bylaws
63 pages

Colorado Revised Statutes 2015
Title 38 - Property - Real and Personal
Article 33.5 - Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA)
69 pages

Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act 2011
Title 7 - Labor and Industry
Article 121-137
69 pages

General Info PDF

Laundry Room Info (Buildings 4 & 16)

Map and list of units
2-page PDF, landscape orientation

Map and list of units
2-page PDF, portrait orientation

Unit Number Map landscape, JPG

Unit Number Map portrait, JPG

Agreements PDF

Parking Agreement (RV's, trailers, etc.)

Pool Rules Agreement

Clubhouse Legal Agreement

Clubhouse Flyer

Clubhouse Usage #1

Clubhouse Usage #2

Note: pool tables on the upper level of the clubhouse are in poor condition.

Dear Landlord:

Landlords are encouraged to withhold damage deposit refunds until you can verify that no large items were left behind by tenants. In the future, unit owners may find fees added to their dues without notice, to cover the cost of renter dumping. Dumping costs the HOA about $5,000 annually.

Post your "For Rent" signs at one or more of the mail stops (bring thumbtacks). Ads for rentals cannot be displayed in the clubhouse window.

Short-term Rental License Information

Delivery Address

Use the US Postal Service to Look Up a ZIP Code™. You will find the US Postal Service prefers the delivery address to appear on one line as 3550 S Harlan St Unit XXX where XXX represents your unit number.

UPS® and FedEx® prefer that you specify both a Building Number and a Unit Number as an additional address line, e.g. Building X Unit XXX, where X represents a numeric digit. Delivery drivers find it challenging to locate units when a building number does not appear on the shipping label.

Packages left unattended near your front door are subject to being stolen. If you receive a significant number of packages from UPS® or FedEx®, consider signing up online for an account which enables you to optionally re-route packages to a retail outlet, where you can later pick up the package.

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Denver Marijuana Use

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