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Do you want a brand-new, never-sat-upon, low-flow, high-efficiency, 100% free toilet? Denver Water's Water Sense Challenge is 100% free to homeowners, and will provide brand-new toilets AND professional installation, just because they want to help us save water and save the world! While the program covers the cost of the toilet and plumber installation, you get to coordinate your schedule with the plumber to make sure it is as convenient as possible. The downside? Well, the toilets only come in white, and will not fit under a counter. That's it! If your toilet is leaking, running, or even if you just love free new things, this program is for you! **Please note, this is NOT yet guaranteed. We have to get enough homeowners interested to qualify for the program. How can you help make sure it gets running? Sign up all your toilets, and bug your neighbors to do the same! If you rent, and you would like a new toilet, contact your landlord or rental property manager and let them know about this great opportunity. Call CPMS at 303-952-9257 or fill out our web contact form to pre-register:: If we get approved, or if we need more information, we'll let you know!
This month's HOA homeowners & Board meeting will be held on the last Wednesday of the month, June 28th, at 6:30. We intend to start holding board meetings on the last Wednesday of the month, instead of the third, in order to streamline our financial reporting and meet deadlines effectively in the future. Sorry for the late change of plans, but we hope to see you all next week!
Grounds looking a little “stumpy”? Some of the remaining stumps will be ground down, but most are scheduled to be dug up by our maintenance team. While we have some sparse areas for now, removing these bushes and trees early in the season prevented them from growing further. As we have found the time and resources to attend to more pressing matter around the complex, such as pool, sprinklers, and various safety issues, tearing out those stumps is next up on our list—or, already finished in some areas! Wondering about our watering system? We have encountered some unexpected repair issues, but our maintenance team is on it! Until the sprinklers can get up and running again, maintenance crews have been and will continue to water flowers by hand whenever possible.
As you and your families visit the pool this summer, please make sure to use our "emergency" button ONLY for emergencies. Pressing the button sets of a silent alarm that will contact the fire department, just like calling 9-1-1. And just like calling 9-1-1 for no reason wastes our emergency service's time and puts you at risk of being fined, so will pressing this emergency button if there is no emergency! The fire department will be assessing fines on the HOA for inappropriate use of this button, and we will work to pass this fine onto the person who pressed the button--or the responsible party who should have been supervising children. Repeated offenses may even put you at risk of legal action from the Denver Fire Department, so only press this button in case of true emergencies: Fire, drowning, heart attacks, or life-threatening injuries requiring immediate emergency assistance. Thank you!
Go grab your swimwear, because the Pebble Creek HOA pool is OPEN!!! Despite delays, we've worked hard to get it up and running before the 90* days coming up, so enjoy! While you enjoy the pool, make sure to respect our rules: obey all signage and posted hours, NO GLASS, no blue jeans in the pool (it degrades the pool chemicals and your pants), no pets in the pool, and please consume alcohol responsibly and inconspicuously--this is a family-friendly setting.
Unfortunately, our pool challenges continue. If you've checked it out lately, you'll see that it is clean, repainted, and very tempting, but we are still waiting on the Health Department to and building inspector to approve this space. We hope that we will pass our building inspection scheduled for Monday, which will allow us to open the pool next week.
Our beautification continues! Deyvis Tree will return to remove some additional trees that are at risk of falling and/or dying, and will start grinding down some of our stumps. This means that new walkways can soon be added near buildings 15 and 19! We are also towing cars that are likely to be abandoned or out of compliance with regulations, so if you have an unused vehicle sitting around, check it for a brightly-colored tow tag and remember: all vehicles in Pebble Creek HOA must be in good working order, plated and up to date on “tags,” and moved at least once every 10 days.
Unfortunately, Pebble Creek HOA is going to have another Memorial Day without an open pool. Numerous delays have prevented our pool inspections from passing, and work remains to be done. We are aiming for an opening date next weekend, when the storms have passed and the sun is shining! Contact CPMS with any questions.

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Domestic Violence

The Pebble Creek community experienced the deadly consequences of domestic violence on July 31, 2016. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of the victim. Domestic violence is affecting communities across the state, and we hear about it almost every day, not just at Pebble Creek.

If you are a victim of domestic abuse whether emotional or physical, or you know someone who is a victim, there are resources available. Here are just a few:

There are many more...

There is a need for more community awareness and more public awareness about what domestic violence is, and third party intervention is critical. Often, men and women do not consider themselves victims after the first incident. Relatives, neighbors, friends need to speak up to stop violence. Getting help and identifying when there is a problem is important, it could save a life.

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